Sheena Louise Roetman, 33-years old, Atlanta, Ga. Writer and editor. B.A. in Journalism from Georgia State University, with an English minor and a research specialty in American Indian Media and advocacy journalism. Lakota and Dutch.

I like dogs, '80s movies, punk rock, Star Wars, basketball/soccer/football, yoga, ballet, Bigfoot documentaries, pizza, horses, tea, The Muppets, cooking and Nora Ephron. I do not like wearing shoes, eating mushrooms, shopping, cats (even though I co-exist with one), baseball, going clubbing, heat, Lena Dunham, sushi, ice cream or negativity. 

I also like discussing media literacy, democracy, Constitutional law, media ethics and race and gender in sociological discourse and imagery, particularly in how it affects Indigenous populations in America. I like to read and write about language preservation, food sovereignty and security, land rights and sacred sites, mascots and other problematic imagery, tribal access to education, digital access and community wellness.

But I'm also fine writing about skateboarding and eyelash extensions.


Let's chat: sheenalouise [at] gmail [dot] com.